About Alumni  

Our vast number of alumni is one of the most valuable assets of SZABIST. Over the years, the University has made tremendous efforts to cultivate and strengthen the relationships with its graduates via various channels.

To foster close association with alumni, we have set up this Alumni Website to provide you all information related to alumni benefits and activities especially offered for you.The aim of this website is to network with the alumni and provide you with current happenings at SZABIST.

The Alumni Office facilitates a link for the alumni with the University to provide any help that an alumnus may require. The Office also aiming to achieve the following objectives

  - Build a strong alumni network

  - Engage alumni in various events and activities held at SZABIST

  - Inform them about the regular happenings at SZABIST

The Alumni Office makes sure that a good interactive environment among the alumni and between the alumni and the University is established. To enhance much more efficient networking the Office has developed this web site to provide up to date information with respect to the alumni and events and activities organized for them and also the latest happening at the University.

Our strong alumni base is one of SZABIST's keys to success, and we've created this to help strengthen your ties to the University and make it easier for you to stay in touch.